Jordan is a Game Designer, UI/UX Designer/Implementer, and Programmer.

Jordan’s knowledge stems from a diverse background of experiences. The want to become a game developer first started during his degree in music performance, where he composed music and did sound design for various games, including a chicken-battling VR game and digital art exhibits. 

Being a clarinetist in the US Army, Jordan understood the importance of integrity and dependability. It was here he was the lead sound engineer, IT manager, and arms room manager for the band, where he recorded and produced 13 music videos featuring the band’s various instrumental groups.

During his time in the military, he developed a series of games while also completing his degree in Computer Science and Game Design. From here he joined an internship at the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute, where he was the programmer and designer on a team of 8 recent college grads to release the game Freezy Match on Android and iOS. 

The pursuit of knowledge is never ending for Jordan, as he is constantly writing and analyzing games and the work that he is done. Find more about his work by clicking through the Game Design, UI/UX, or Programming tabs, or checking out his blog. You can find his most recent game articles on GameLuster, where he currently works as a journalist providing reviews for indie games.