Board Games in Progress

While board games aren’t my main focus as a career, I still enjoy designing and creating them. Board games bring a different experience to players than video games. The reason why I love playing and making board games is that it brings people together to create an experience with each other. Most games are multiplayer and are played in person. My games work upon these facts, where the experience is created by the interaction of others.

World of Tasque

The World of Tasque is an expandable task management deck building game with interchangeable components for replayability. Players win by using characters to complete the goals they are given. Players control characters by using action cards they earn throughout the game. Since cards are continuously passed around, players must plan ahead on where they should place their actions. Goals take many actions to do, so players must plan ahead to bring the World of Tasque to life!

Two Minute Game Walkthrough

The World of Tasque Sell Sheet


Tupelo is a simultaneous tile drafting game for 2-6 players, where players try to get the most honey from the queen. The player needs to be the last remaining that has the most honey. The honey passes only through light edges of the tiles, and must have a clear path from the queen tile to the player’s end tile. The game features simple rules, fast setup, and multiple variations to enhance gameplay. The game’s mechanics are similar to Sushi Go!, Carcassonne, and Spoons.

Two Minute Game Walkthrough

Tupelo Sell Sheet


Stoic is a funny acting party game where players try to get one another to laugh. Players rotate who is the actor and the player on their left and right decide what to say and what kind of persona to take on. If the actor giggles or laughs, then they lose a life, but they also lose a life if they don’t act to the other players’ standards. Once a player loses all 3 lives, then they are out of the game, but can still judge on the other players’ acting. The winner is the last one to have a life left.

[This game is in early stages. No photos/videos currently available]

Stoic Cover/Box Art